The widespread media attacks on Poland target not only “unpopular” Polish national-conservative PiS government, but also the Polish Catholic Church, Polish patriotism and Polish history, which is regularly blatantly distorted. In regards to the Holocaust, the world media have regularly used the historically false and offensive term “Polish death camps” while reporting about the German death camps set up and operated by Nazi Germany in occupied Poland.

Roger Cohen, a British journalist of the New York Times had the gall to say in his provocative op-ed “My daughter the Pole” on August 22, 2016 that “plenty of Poles collaborated” with Nazi Germans. These are extremely offensive remarks in view of the fact that Poland, in complete contrast to other European countries like France, Belgium, Norway or Romania, never collaborated with Hitler’s Germany and thousands of Poles lost their lives for rescuing Jews during the war. Poland was the only country in occupied Europe, where offering the slightest help to Jews meant a death sentence for the rescuer and his entire family.

On January 27, 2018, Lahav Harkov, a popular senior editor of the Israeli daily Jerusalem Post tweeted 14 times “Polish death camps” in protest against Polish Anti-Defamation law which aimed to curb the use of this historically false and offensive term. 

In February 2018 the US Ruderman Family Foundation opened an online petition urging the US to suspend ties with Poland over Anti-Defamation law. The foundation also released a video showing Jews saying ‘Polish Holocaust’ and thus attributing the complicity in the Holocaust to Poles. This extreme falsification of the WWII history by attributing the Holocaust to Poland and not Germany sparked numerous protests around the world, from both the Polish and Jewish community.

In November 2018, numerous mainstream media, among them Associated Press, called the Independence March in Warsaw commemorating the 100th anniversary of regaining independence by Poland a gathering of 200,000 far-right extremists (or Nazis).

There are thousands of examples of barbaric distortion of WWII by international media, scholars and public figures. All incidents create a historically absurd impression that it was Poles and some stateless Nazis, and not Germany, who started WWII, occupied Poland and killed millions of Jews.

We will confront the deniers of Polish genocide with historical facts. We won’t allow WWII to be falsified for political and financial gain by supporters of S. 447.