President Donald Trump Signed S. 447 into Law

President Donald Trump Signed S. 447 into Law

The US President Donald Trump signed Act S. 447 yesterday.

The bill with an acronym JUST (“Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today Act of 2017”) requires from the US State Department to report on the actions of certain foreign countries with regard to the disposition of Holocaust era assets. Poland is the main target of the bill.

S. 447 is not JUST, however, as it violates the terms of the 1960 Treaty between the United States and Poland. Poland has already compensated American nationals whose assets had been nationalized by the Polish Communist government and the United States has indemnified Poland from any additional claims and compensation demands. Poland has also signed similar agreements with twelve other Western European countries and Canada.

S. 447 aims to enrich private Jewish American groups, which make absurd, unfounded claims for hundreds of billions of dollars, against Poland. The signature of Donald Trump under the bill legitimizes extralegal demands of compensation and/or ”restitution of the heirless property”, a concept which carries a contradiction in terms, and which constitutes a departure from the existing law and the Western legal tradition. Heirless property always escheats to the state, and the groups attempting to make claims are not successors of the Polish citizens murdered by Germany between 1939 and 1945.

Act S. 447 discriminates also against Polish Holocaust Survivors. It advocates on behalf of just one group, Jews, and leaves out members of other ethnic and religious groups who were also subjected to the genocidal policies carried out by Germany during WWII.

The passage of the bill has already created an uproar in Poland and it has damaging effect on the image of the United States. It will lead to a deterioration of the relationship between our countries.

The US has generally played the role of international security guarantor, but Donald Trump’s America has just become a rogue nation.

To now, the US President has broken American commitments on a wide range of trade deals or climate change promises. US President Donald Trump’s pullout from the Iran nuclear deal has put Europe under pressure to salvage the 2015 multilateral agreement. Trump’s decision has pleased Israeli Prime Minister Netanjahu, an obsessive enemy of Iran, but it forces the European Union countries to confront US “economic policeman of the world” and it destabilizes the Middle East.

Signing S. 447 into law  gives the proponents of illegal restitution claims, like the World Jewish Restitution Organization or American Council of Life Insurers, another tool to blackmail Poland. All this makes the US an active disruptor of international security and peace.


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